Koa Wood: Its History and Significance

The Koa tree's large leaves yearn to touch the blue skies. These magnificent trees begin life as tiny black seedlings inside brown pods before they grow up and outward. The result? A plant that doesn’t just give you oxygen, but is so beautiful it might just take your breath away!

Koa wood is native to Hawaiʻi, the largest Hawaiian island. This wood was crucial to the development of early Hawaiian society. Koa wood has been used as a defensive weapon by many native warriors, which makes it a symbol of strength. Not only that, but this wood has unmatched natural beauty and is still in use today.

Koa wood is famous for being multipurpose, which means it can be used in furniture, antiques, jewelry, and even eating utensils. It kept these early Hawaiians safe from their enemies and functioned as solid material for small boats and war tools. Today, Koa is highly regarded for its beauty and remains immensely valuable on the island and worldwide for its rarity.


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Koa wood was once exclusive to Hawaiian royalty and it was considered "kapu" or illegal for citizens outside of that caste system to possess this special material. The wood was the heart of the island and was believed to be the reason for victorious battles. In fact, Koa wood would become synonymous with triumph, a sacred gift that helped to protect its people.

"Koa" translates to many powerful words in Hawaiian, including "brave," "warrior," "bold," or "courage." As the wood was used in one of Hawaii's early weapons, its usefulness proved to be an anchor for the people. Some examples of the weapons include short spears, a melee weapon when engaging in close combat, and longer, thinner spears for much larger groups of enemies. Another melee weapon was the leiomano, lined with razor-sharp shark teeth. The ancient warriors passed down these marvelous, hand-crafted weapons for future generations to honor.

Koa warriors were keen on protecting their island and fending for themselves. This symbol of strength is famous amongst men looking to hold a piece of significance in their hands. We recommend our unique selection of Koa wood rings for anyone who wants to bring a piece of this powerful wood into their life.


Hawaiian Koa wood rings hold great cultural significance. Many Hawaiian jewelry pieces are made using natural materials and handmade on the island. This idea of heirloom jewelry is most popular, ranging from hand-carved wooden pieces to silver engraved adornments. The jewelry pieces can make their statement as the trees carry their historical meanings. Many people may find the stories of the Koa tree to be a daunting, fearful task. Many battles were accomplished using them, leading to many stories of bloodshed. The once-banned wood was highly regarded in its own right, as royal ancients were the only ones to handle the material.

While the ownership of Koa wood is no longer exclusive to local people, it can still represent a sense of specialness–the wood is costly and one of the most sought-after kinds of wood in the world. As for its rarity, this only makes for a more meaningful piece.


Koa wood's internal charm is nestled in its generational worth, encapsulated in a robust and bold exterior. A type of acacia tree, Koa, can be presented in several patterns and colors. Its primarily syrupy, mahogany hue blends into the striped internal design–of its most stunning, a tight, "curly" grained pattern that’s beautiful to look at.

Koa wood was traditionally used to create bowls and eating vessels and made for special tools, including weapons. Carrying a piece of Koa wood with you can have its own spiritual and cultural properties just as much as it is lovely to marvel at. In recent fashion trends, genuine wooden rings and earrings have become the perfect gift. Men's Koa bracelets are a gender-neutral choice in many surf-side areas worldwide, and you’re sure to see Koa wood men’s rings as well.

Koa wood has some of the finest qualities and symbolizes strength, bravery, and courage. Wooden jewelry is unique and instills a sense of sophistication. The rustic brown is versatile and can instantly personalize a look.

Here at Woodsman Jewelry, we offer a variety of modern metal variations to personalize each ring. We offer plated colors in our men's and women's collections, including:

 These beautiful variations cater to all of your gifting needs, whether the special person in your life prefers a steel gray color to a dynamic gold one. Each color variation blends perfectly with the reddish-brown color, making the shade pop much more.


As mentioned in our opening section, the lifecycle of the Koa tree is critical. Its primary production comes from fallen or dead trees instead of being uprooted on healthy, growing trees. The trees were once in danger during their growth stages, as local animals feast on the tiny seeds and saplings. There are now protections and laws in place against the personal interests of harvesters. Koa wood is a sustainable option due to its usefulness in its dying stages, and we pledge to only use Koa wood that is obtained in sustainable ways.


There's no other wood like that of the Koa tree. The historical and cultural significance helps to garner our appreciation of such a reliable piece of nature. Once used as a means to survive, the wood is now wanted by those enamored by its outward beauty. The sleek, curly inner design is now famous for its many colors and purposes, and it’s difficult to resist.

You’ll find a variety of beautiful Hawaiian Koa wood rings on our site, ranging from Koa wood men’s rings to elegant Koa wood engagement rings. Not only are these accessories pretty, but they'll last a lifetime, just like your love for one another.

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