Komo Koa Hawaii

If you are searching for beautiful wooden jewelry, you have come to the right place. Here at Woodsman Jewelry, we have created some pretty pieces for you to purchase, perfect for any occasion. We provide something a little different from what you would traditionally see when it comes to jewelry, which makes our craftsmanship unique. Browse our Komo Koa Hawaii collection of koa wood rings.


Beautiful Rings

We are proud to produce such beautiful koa wood rings. We make these rings because we admire their look and the tie to nature we feel by designing jewelry with native koa wood. We vow to offer the most durable authentic koa wood rings you can find on the market, and we hold as faithfully to this vow as you might to the wedding vows you’ll exchange after you and your sweetheart opt for a koa wood wedding band.

We create our rings in a range of different thicknesses to give you a wide variety of options. Some people prefer to have a thicker ring on their finger that takes up more space, while others prefer thin koa wood rings to keep things simple. We cater to all design preferences at Woodsman Jewelry, and our team will ensure that you find the most suitable Hawaiian wedding bands for sale.

Our rings aren’t just beautiful, but adaptable too; they pair well with many outfits, meaning you can use them in many situations. If you want to wear koa wood rings as regular, everyday rings, they will go with every outfit you could wear.

In addition to koa wood rings, we also provide a range of metals to choose from so you can select the perfect ring for you. For example, you can find our tungsten and koa wood rings in silver, gold, and classic gunmetal color options. Our titanium and wood Hawaiian wedding bands for sale offer a modern appearance or even an added diamond to keep this ring looking extra special.

Stunning Watches

Today, we see wristwatches less often than we did decades ago. However, this doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. One of our beautiful koa wood watches can give your outfit a classic appearance and help you look sophisticated. What better way to nail that upcoming job interview or business presentation?

We designed our stunning watches to suit a range of styles of people. We have 6 watches available in several colors: yellow gold, gunmetal, steel band black, steel band white, silicone band black, and silicone band white. In our experience, gold is often the color of choice for those who want something a little more flashy. Those who would rather keep it a little more lowkey can opt for the black or silver options.

All faces on our koa wood watches are made from native koa wood, giving them a little bit of a different feeling than other watches on the market. The beautiful koa wood design suits all the colors we offer and gives you something a little different from the norm that most people expect when they see a watch. Our koa wood watches sell out quickly, so get yours while they’re still in stock!

Fantastic Accessories

If rings and watches don’t catch your eye, never fear! We also offer many koa wood accessories that might catch your eye, including bangles, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. We manufacture a range of different products so there is always something for everyone. All our accessories are available in a range of different colors, including rose gold, gold, silver, and black, depending on your preference.

Our heart pendants and our turtle pendants are truly some of the most beautiful pieces, with considerable thought going into each one. The beautiful wood blends well in each piece, still giving it the unique Komo Koa Hawaii look that people know and love.

1% for the Planet Program

Woodsman Jewelry is a proud member of the “1% For The Planet” program. This program was founded to avoid greenwashing and to hold businesses accountable for their actions in terms of the environment. The 1% For the Planet program members give 1% of their yearly sales to environmental causes, helping to keep the planet in the best possible condition.

Here at Woodsman Jewelry, we firmly believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the planet and we do our bit to ensure this happens. We work to build an alliance of customers and nonprofit organizations who believe in working towards the common goal of healthier ecosystems in Hawaii. It’s essential that we practice sustainable and environmentally friendly methods in our business, and we are proud to say that this is exactly what we do.

When we retrieve native koa wood from Hawaii, we do so carefully and delicately, not damaging any of the life around it. It’s important to us that all of our customers know how dedicated we are to creating the product you desire, in the most ethical way possible.

Amazing for all Occasions

Each of our pieces of jewelry is amazing for every occasion. Our ring collection is a fantastic choice if you are seeking unique Hawaiian wedding bands for sale. While it might not be conventional to have a wooden ring, it looks beautiful and is a sustainable choice.

All of our products can be worn and complement everything that you choose to wear. Whether you want it to enhance an outfit you are wearing to a special event or simply wear it as an everyday piece. Either way, our Komo Koa Hawaii collection will look incredible on you, so it’s just a matter of choosing which piece will suit you the best.

Why Choose Us

We believe in providing high quality results in everything we do. All the wood we use in our Komo Koa Hawaii products is ethically sourced, and we use it to create the best products for our customers. If you do have any concerns or you wish to talk to us, we will always be there to do so. We believe our customers are at the very center of our business, so we will always do whatever we can to provide for them.

If you are looking for unique jewelry designs, you can’t beat koa wood accessories. We are here to give you an alternative to the traditional styles you are used to, and our clients love what we do!

Get in Touch

If you would like some more information about the products that we offer, then feel free to get in touch with us today. A team member will be more than happy to discuss any of the questions or queries you would like to ask.

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Hawaiian Koa Wood Cross Necklace - Rose Gold
Ralph O’Meara (Wenatchee, US)

The quality of your products are exquisite!!

Redwood Drop Necklace
Trudy Van der Wielen (Eindhoven, NL)
Beautiful! And great service!

Years ago I bought the bracelet and earrings of Redwood. And it still looks like new. Now I bought the necklace too. I’m getting a lot of compliments for the very special and luxuary look of it. I was really surprised too about the excellent service and garantuee. One piece of the bracelet was missing and without any problem they offered me a new one. Although I live in Holland (Europe), I recieved very quickly the complete order. Just in time before X-mas. 😊 This is really outstanding service! I am very happy with the set of Redwood-juwelery and also with the service.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Titanium Ring - Cove
Philip Baker (Oceanside, US)

No hassle exchange..!
Quick turnaround..!

Hawaiian Koa Wood Wide Titanium Ring
Jessica Gorhan (Hillsborough, US)
Back in good shape

Thank you for guaranteeing your work! My husband's wedding ring needed repair and Woodsman fixed it up and sent it back to us good as new.

Redwood Whale Tail Necklace - Gunmetal
Beth Tarpley (Statesboro, US)
Redwood Whale Tail Necklace

I purchased this necklace for my Granddaughter, Christmas Gift. It is beautiful and she Loves it. I hope to purchase from your store again. So very pleased with the prompt service and quality. Thank You. Beth Tarpley